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Comprehensive Veterinary Services

Pets are family, too, and at Animal Care Clinic of Rural Hall, we are committed to providing top-notch veterinary services that ensure the well-being and happiness of your four-legged companions. Our experienced team offers many services designed to meet your pets' unique needs. Explore them all below, then call us to request your appointment!

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Wellness Care

Annual wellness visits are crucial to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Our dedicated team conducts thorough check-ups, addresses any concerns, and provides preventive care to keep your furry friends in tip-top shape.


Vaccinations are critical for your pets, as they are susceptible to many airborne contagious diseases. If you think your pet is safe just because they are an indoor animal, you forget the risk that they may escape out of the front door or dig out from under the fence one day. Pets can even catch diseases just by being in their own backyard! Whether indoor or outdoor, they are susceptible to airborne contagious diseases. Our veterinarians and veterinary assistants are here to discuss essential vaccines tailored to your cat or dog's specific needs.

Dental Care

Don't overlook the importance of routine dental hygiene for your pets. If left untreated, the bacteria in your pet's mouth can enter the bloodstream and damage vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, and heart. However, you can add precious years to your pet's life with the right dental care routine.

Surgical Care

Our veterinarians are equipped to handle various surgical needs, from routine procedures like spaying and neutering to more complex surgeries such as foreign body removal or ACL repair. Trust us to provide the best care for your pet.

K-Laser Therapy

Animal Care Clinic of Rural Hall utilizes state-of-the-art K-Laser therapy. For over 30 years, this method has been trusted to treat animals’ clinical conditions in Europe and the United States. 
Laser therapy increases circulation, thus drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the areas experiencing pain or damage. This simple procedure takes only two to eight minutes, and your beloved pet experiences little to no pain.

Heartworm Prevention

We are all about preventative care at Animal Care Clinic of Rural Hall! Keep your pets healthy and happy with the use of preventative products.

We offer the best brands to ensure your pet doesn’t fall victim to heartworms:

  • Proheart Injection (12-month)
  • Interceptor Plus
  • Heartgard Plus
  • Sentinel

Our experienced veterinarians would never recommend anything that wasn’t right for your pet. We prescribe preventatives on a case-by-case basis to ensure your pet is safe and healthy for the long haul.

Flea & Tick Preventatives

"Flea" is a scary word for pet owners. Just the thought of a flea infestation probably makes you feel a bit itchy!
Luckily, we believe in taking preventative measures at Animal Care Clinic of Rural Hall. It’s much easier to keep fleas and ticks away than it is to get rid of them!

We offer the following flea- and tick-prevention products:

  • Nexgard
  • Nexgard Combo for Cats
  • Vectra 3D for Dogs
  • Seresto Collars for Dogs & Cats
  • Capstar
  • Bravecto for Dogs & Cats


We understand the love you have for your pets. Ensure their safety with microchipping — a reliable solution to reunite with your furry friends if they ever get lost.

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4.7 stars | 401 reviews
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